Is inexperience hurting Donald Trump’s Republican Presidential candidate bid?



Donald Trump, Republican Presidential candidate
Donald Trump, Republican Presidential candidate

Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump, has come under attack from all sides in a fiery debate between the top Republican presidential candidates in the 2016 election. The party’s frontrunner, a billionaire businessman with no political experience, refused to apologise over comments about the wife of Jeb Bush. And he was on the receiving end when Carly Fiorina drew huge applause facing up to his recent jibe over her looks.

Fifteen Republicans are vying to be the party’s White House nominee in 2016. With more than a year until polling day, the second Republican debate in the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California, saw Bush, and Trump trading blows several times.

And it happened on a night when Trump, for the first time, faced an onslaught of serious policy questions that revealed his lack of preparation. At the Fox debate in Cleveland last month, it was all about Trump and his persona. And that’s his comfort zone. But as CNN pushed him more on policy, Trump tripped.

Trump has during the campaign, made his own mark, with his own signature style. His wealth, along with his simple candid mes­sage on the prevailing economic  scenario  has filled the  Re­pub­lic­an base, putting him to the top of the primary field; he’s lead­ing the rest of the GOP by double-di­gits. His tough talk on China has helped, too: He talks about the coun­try so much — how they’re beat­ing the United States, and how he’d beat them — that a video of him say­ing “China” 234 times went vir­al last month.

Bobby Jindal calls him as a Madman and suggests that he needs to be stopped.  Trump has thus, truly rattled feathers with his candidature.


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