Is Congress jittery over Rahul Gandhi’s elevation?



Photo: PTI
Photo: PTI


Congress vice- president Rahul Gandhi’s sudden decision to go on leave during the crucial budget session has rattled the Congress party. The party already on the back-foot after series of electoral reverses is facing embarrassing time as questions are asked to partymen about his likely whereabouts.

This has given rise to speculations that all is not well within the party. Amidst his absence there is clarion call within the party to make Rahul Gandhi as party president. A likely appointment of Rahul as president is to announced at the next AICC session.

Senior leaders like Kamal Nath have backed Rahul to be new “Party President” because they believe politics of the country has changed, so congress needs to “adopt and adapt” changes while Sonia Gandhi should continue as a “party mentor”. Sonia Gandi has served as President of the Congress party since 1998. Kamal further went on saying it must be left to Rahul Gandhi to make his team, we must look to make a Congress party of the future. “Today, decisions taken in Congress are neither Mrs Gandhi’s nor Rahul’s, they belong to both,”.

Other leaders say elder Congressmen with vested interests were not allowing Rahul to “function independently”. “It is correct. It is obvious that he Rahul is not getting a free hand. Let’s see how things progress and take shape,” AICC general secretary Digvijaya Singh was quoted by The Indian Express and adding “it was time for Rahul became the party president”.

As buzz over Rahul’s elevation grows, party president Sonia Gandhi had her take over the issue saying : “When he will be made the president of the party, you will be informed,” she told reporters.

There is no doubt that Rahul’s absence has caused confusion in the party. And there is a talk of Sonia camp and Rahul camp. And how quickly they resolve this issue will indicate which way the party is heading.






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