Iran Update: Obama releases statement on sealing of Iran Nuclear Deal


Iran_Mogherini_and_3374757bWith the most controversial yet historical nuclear deal in history being sealed today, the 6 main powers of the world, U.S., Britain, China, Russia, France and Germany have accomplished their motive of curbing Iran’s nuclear works.

With access to all nuclear and military sites and army bases, the P5+1 have demanded that the UN inspectors be given easy access to anywhere in Iran.

After the long marathonic deliberations, and gaining all nods in favour of the deal being finalised, Obama, while addressing the American public said, “I strongly believe that our national security interest depends on Iran not obtaining a nuclear weapon…Put simply, no deal means a greater chance of war in the Middle East.”

While the deal to the rest of the world sounds more like a way of legalising invasion, Obama says this deal is built “not on trust” but on “verification”.

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Inspectors will have access to Iran’s facilities, centrifuge manufacturing and storage facilities, with some measures in place for 25 years.

“Put simply the organisation responsible for the inspections, the IAEA,” will have access when necessary, he says.

President Obama, while speaking in Washington, said,“This deal demonstrates that US diplomacy can bring about real change, adding that the US negotiated from a position of “strength and principle”.

“This deal meets “every single one” of the bottom lines the US established in the framework deal,” Obama says.

While Obama says there will be “very clear consequences” if Iran does not stand by the deal, Obama’s Iranian counterpart, Hassan Rouhani is yet to speak on the issue.


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