Iran seeks global engagements, vows against nuclear weapons


Davos, Jan 23 (PTI): Having been long-sidelined on global platforms, Iran today said it wants to engage with different countries in the world and declared that its nuclear energy programme would never be used for nuclear weapons.

Speaking at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting here, the first major global platform after initiation of talks between Iran and the US recently, Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani said his nation never desired to have a nuclear weapon and it would never desire to have one in future as well.

He further said that Syria has been engaged in a major catastrophe and Iran was very sad about such acts. “Iran believes that everyone should first try to put a full stop to this violence in Syria and then work on an agenda after talking with everyone. We are helping Syrians and everyone should contribute to help them,” he added.

“Peace in Middle East is very important and this goes beyond economic issues. Regional cooperation has become very important with us, we intend to open trade and industrial relations with all our neighbours and countries in central Asia.

“We also have deep ties with Europe. Engagements between Iran and the US has also entered into a new phase last month. Leaders from two countries are meeting regularly on issues including nuclear issue and this is a very important development,” Rouhani said.

He said Iran wants to have good relationships with all the countries that it has officially recognised.

Last year, sanctions-hit Iran and the P5+1 group of world powers signed an accord that consists of a short-term freeze of portions of Iran’s nuclear programme in exchange for reduced economic sanctions, which crippled the Islamic Republic.

Stating that “this young republic is set to flourish”, the President said Iran strongly condemns terrorism and violence and fighting them would require economic growth and job creation.


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