iPhone 7 will make users want to upgrade: Apple CEO Tim Cook

Apple iPhone (Representative Photo)
Apple iPhone (Representational Photo)

According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, iPhone 7 is going to be the next big thing the tech giant is offering. The comment was made at CNBC’s ‘Mad Money’ show, while discussing the Apple iPhone’s Q2 earnings and a drop in sales of the popular device. The new model is expected to be launched in September 2016. It is speculated that the upgraded version will come with no headphone jack, possibly a smart-connector, a dual-camera set-up in the iPhone 7 Plus version, and a faster chip. Experts also suggest that there would be a design change, but for now, Apple fans have to wait to see the new upgrade.

Discussing the new model Apple is planning to launch, Cook said, “We have great innovation in the pipeline like new iPhones that will incent you and other people that have iPhones today to upgrade to new iPhones…We are going to give you things that you can’t live without. You will look back and wonder: ‘How did I live without this?’” This gives good news to the consumers, as the last upgrade from iPhone 6 to 6S did not have many changes except the chip upgrade and 3D Touch, which alone was not a compelling reason for many to buy the new device.

This issue of upgrade can also be reflected in its Q2 earnings for the year, where for the first time since 2003, company’s revenue has dropped. It can directly be correlated to the decrease in sales of iPhones. The tech giant has acknowledged that one reason for the decline was the low upgrade cycle for iPhone 6s, in comparison to iPhone 6. Currently in 2016, Apple is seeing iPhone sales fall 15% to 20%. In the recent lieu of events in China where they lost their trademark, and India where the government has imposed restrictions on refurbished iPhones, the growth catalysts for the company seem to be decreasing.

iPhone 7, in such a situation, seems like a ray of hope to the company to catch up on the falling sales of their premium product. With the excitement that surrounds the upcoming upgrade, users can hope that Cook is right and iPhone 7 and 7Plus disrupt the market with their inciting features.