Interpol questions Red Corner Notice to Lalit Modi from ED, asks why should they arrest him?



Man of the moment Lalit Modi might be down presently but he cannot be written off that easily. photo: AFP
Former IPL czar Lalit Modi. photo: AFP

Bringing back the former IPL  chief Lalit Modi it seems will be very tough ask . According to media reports , Interpol has now sought answers from the Enforcement Directorate in India about the evidence against the former IPL chief and why the very need for a red corner notice against him. The ED reportedly received the query from the Interpol on August 20. Interpol has asked to know if there is ample evidence is available against the former IPL czar Lalit Modi currently in exile in London and why they should arrest him . They have also sought the details of the other accused in the case and the offence under which the case has been registered. It has also demanded to know why there was a delay in the investigation.

A red corner notice may enable Interpol to detain and bring Modi back to India from Malta, where he is said to be staying right now. The Central Bureau of Investigation had recently sent documents to the Interpol to process the red-corner notice against Lalit Modi. A non-bailable arrest warrant was also issued against Lalit Modi by a Mumbai court over his alleged involvement in financial irregularities in the IPL. The BCCI  had imposed on a life ban on him.

“Interpol has no locus standi in asking any sovereign nation for details of investigation once the nodal agency, in our case the CBI, submits requests for issue of a Red Corner Notice. Interpol is a mere facilitating agency. It is also unheard of that Interpol gives an opportunity for submission to someone who is a subject of RCN,” a senior officer, was quoted as saying in the report in the Indian Express.

“Further to my earlier message, I reiterate that Interpol concedes that it will not act on any request from India on LKM without allowing us to be heard first. This unprecedented decision of Interpol means that if the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) of India is indeed asked by the enforcement directorate to issue a red notice against Mr Lalit Modi and this request will be sent to Interpol headquarters in Lyon, Interpol Lyon would contact us first to react to this request,” Petra De Krijger, Director of Lindeborg, the firm which represents Modi stated in an email.

Interpol is expected to take a decision on Modi later in the month. As of now, there are 16 cases registered by ED against Modi, of which, 15 cases are under the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) and one under PMLA.


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