Inspired by Trump

Cover lover: The real March 2009 edition featured actor Kate Winslet.

And here I was looking out of the Time Cover with wide opened eyes, cheesy smile and yellow teeth. The time magazine had proudly featured me on its cover, I told myself.

With headline in bold and white colour “Yashica Jalhotra- The new rage in the Asian continent”, the cover looked superbly classy.

With a copy of the cover in my hand, half reclined on my lounger, I was relishing with my own web of thoughts of becoming a famous celebrity and getting honoured by the US President in the White House when my door bell rung. I woke up in the dreamy state and opened the door only to see Ankit with my half opened eyes.

“Sh*t, what the hell he is doing here!” I screamed from inside.

“When did Time magazine feature you?” he screamed from outside.

And as I opened the door, Ankit fastly walked inside my home and pointed towards the frame displayed on the prominent wall of my house.

“I came to your home today morning and I saw this frame. You have framed a Time cover with your photo on it !”

“Oh, this!” This cover… it’s nothing you know. It’s just…” with shortage of words, I tried to respond but thanks to his patience levels, he interrupted me.

“It’s nothing? It’s TIME and you say it’s nothing. By the way, why are you featured on the cover, I couldn’t find any story about you inside any Time magazine.”

Ankit has given me no scope to escape from my own home. And his curiosity wouldn’t settle even if I bribe him with five cups of tea.

“It’s a phoney cover. I was inspired by Trump.” I declared.

And why shouldn’t I? If Trump can do it, so can I. If Trump mattered to the world so do I. If he is the “world leader in social media”, so am I.

The only difference would be that unlike Trump, I won’t be trolled.

By the way, I am talking about the fake cover which was dated March 1, 2009, and featured a photo of the current US President Donald Trump.

According to a report published in the Washington Post, at least four fake Time covers featuring the US President have been mounted in Trump’s golf courses and I have framed only one, what a shame.

“Donald Trump: The ‘Apprentice’ is a television smash,” read the caption of the photo and above the magazine’s nameplate another headline was “TRUMP IS HITTING ON ALL FRONTS . . . EVEN TV!”

According to reports, the cover was definitely fake as the red border of the Trump’s cover was “skinnier than that of a genuine Time cover.”

To confirm the fakeness of the cover, Kerri Chyka, a spokeswoman for Time Inc., wrote an email to The Washington Post saying “I can confirm that this is not a real TIME cover.”

Not only this, the magazine had also asked the Trump Organization to remove the fake cover from the walls where it was displayed.

During a visit to one of Trump’s private clubs, an eagle-eyed reporter discovered these phoney covers. He highlighted not only one but several discrepancies between the original Time cover and this fake one. The exclamation points after two of the cover lines; The lack of a thin white border inside the red border and the headlines aligned on the right of the page, rather than the top were the observations of this reporter.

Keeping in mind these “little but telling mistakes” of Trump’s cover I printed my cover with thicker red border and used the headline without any exclamation signs. To further safeguard myself, I hang a notice outside my house stating “Eagle-eyed journalists are not allowed inside the premises” but who knew that in place of an eagle a vulture would enter my home.

Untitled-1 copyWhile Twitterati got amused over the US President Donald Trump’s phoney cover, many people created and shared other cover designs featuring Trump. The results were hilarious.

The man who is often seen speaking against fake news and incredible sources of journalists has now himself became a reservoir of phoney attitude.

While many people are angered and many are amused over Trump’s Fake Time Covers, millions of people who voted for him, (which by the way is still surprising why they did) want to know the reasons which led to these fake covers.

Giving due consideration to Yashica’s fake cover design, the Time magazine has decided to feature her on the next cover, the headline for which would be- Best phoney designer of the year.

Send your designs, I mean letters to her at