Inspired Boyz

Desi Boyz
Rohit Dhawan
John Abraham, Akshay Kumar, Deepika Padukone, Anupam kher, Chitrangda Singh

+6 To The Writers for camouflaging all the Happy Madison and American comedy references and inspirations with so much desi bling. Although kudos for staying as up-to-date as Franklin & Bash.

+2 To The Kid For liking Iron Man, not Krrish. Plus two to John’s opening sixer to Harry from Southall. Plus five to Mrs Waghle and her figure. Minus five because the job interview was a copy of a viral of a copy.

-8 To All The Songs, especially the title song. Plus two to the pretty young white girls lusting after Indian male item number memes.

-8 Because Bollywood needs to come out of the masala closet and admit that yes, this film is not set in London but Alter-London and please leave local laws and culture behind when you come to have a good time with us.

-6 Because The Movie did not need Sanjay Dutt pretending to be Mike Tyson. It should’ve been Raveena Tandon playing a pimp queen who seduces the desi boyz to the dark side.

-5 Because Even Going By Formula, you needed Junior B instead of Akki. And Vishal-Shekhar. And Priyanka Chopra doing the item number.

+8 Because While The Comedy falls between good inspiration and halfway decent imitation, the dialogue works despite John-Akki’s lack of chemistry. And Chitrangda, perfect replacement for Bridgette Wilson.

-5 For Bringing Up Aryabhatta and zero in India’s defence! NO! NOOO! Plus five to Anupam Kher saying, “Beta, recession mein insaan se galti ho jaati hai.

-4 Because This Begs for a better director or some kind of a spirit force guide actually. Plus two to the stylist for wittingly/unwittingly giving the Jayne Cobb look to John in a scene.

-4 For Scaring Us To Death at the end by promising a sequel.


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