Inspirations: Kevisekho Chucha, 48


Rural Income Generator

Khonoma, Nagaland

By Avalok Langer

Photo: Avalok Langer

Oil to some and opium to others, black gold means different things to different people. For Kevisekho Chucha, a resident of Khonoma village in Nagaland, it means just one thing – pigs. “We depend on Central funds, but economic self sufficiency is crucial for the future of Nagaland,” he says. The former Nagaland National Council member has structured his plan around the pig. “Pork is the staple diet of Nagaland and the annual expenditure on pork in the state is Rs 150 crore. The contribution of locally raised pigs to that is a measly 5 percent,” explains Kevisekho. Starting late last year, the 48-year-old put out a plan in motion. “Each household takes a loan of Rs 49,000 and buys four sows. A sow gives birth to one litter in her first year and two in every subsequent year. Each litter can be sold for roughly Rs 10,000,” he says. Besides helping people with the loans, Kevisekho ensures that the pigs are provided proper food. The financial potential goes beyond the meat. Kevisekho plans to use pig excreta as manure, biogas fuel and food for poultry and fish. He has already empowered 50 households and is targeting 50 more by the end of this year.

Kevisekho can be contacted at +91 94360 65703


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