Infosys grants 1crore ex gratia, job to Rasila’s kins


Rasila Raju OPThe cold blooded murder of the Infosys techie through entangling wire around the neck of the girl led the Infosys giant to declare a generous compensation to the Rasila Raju’s kins. She was murdered recklessly by a guard at the Infosys office in Pune on January 29. The police had arrested security guard for the murder.

Infosys in a statement said the family of departed worker will not suffer financially and had provided a provision of job to a next to kin in the company.

The company offered Rasila family a compensation of Rs 1 crore and a job for one of her relatives. As well as the legal payments will be made as per the company policy.

The statement issued by Infosys said, “The company also considers ex-gratia payments based on the circumstances. Infosys also endeavors to make every effort at a suitable employment opportunity for the next of kin who qualify its recruitment criteria.”

“In the tragic event of the demise of any employee under unfortunate circumstances, as happened in this instance with our employee, OP Rasila, in Pune, Infosys ensures that the next of kin of the  deceased employee does not suffer financially in any way,” Infosys added in the same statement.

The girl was murdered just for complaining against the guard’s unscrupulous stare.

Rasila’s father Raju OP with community members had visited Infosys premise in Pune.

Rasila was cremated today at her village in Kozhikode district. Her father in his statement blamed the software giant for “lapse in security” that led to her murder.

This tragic incident has led shocks and scrutiny across the IT sectors.