American InFocus M2 seeks to displace Redmi 1S; Company partners with Snapdeal



InFocus_M2_0821031221875_640x480American manufacturer InFocus has announced its entry into the smartphone market in India. The company is exclusively tying up with online retail giants Snapdeal to release its budget smartphone, the InFocus M2, to the extremely profitable consumer market in India.

The Redmi 1S, manufactured by Xiaomi, is the current reigning champion of the budget smartphone business and itself has an exclusive partnership with Snapdeal’s fearsome rivals, Flipkart, a partnership that has seen both parties benefit greatly.

Nor is Xiaomi the only contender. Tech manufacturers Karbonn, Micromax and Intex also control a percentage of the market. How then does InFocus expect to win a share of the consumers?

They start this campaign with the shallow price, Rs. 4999. For all the features the InFocus M2 offers, which are listed below, this price is far more than reasonable. The 1000 rupees difference between the M2 and the Redmi 1S, for comparable features and quality, will surely persuade some potential buyers in favour of the InFocus M2. InFocus is also determined in its effort for permanence: it has planned an all-India service center which will cover more than 30 cities.

The company’s economic and marketing tactics would hardly matter, however, if the device itself didn’t make itself appealing.  Its design and functional offerings certainly makes it so.

The phone comes in two colours, black and white, and the screen is sized at a spacious 4.2 inches that displays at a resolution of 1280×768. It is powered by a 1.3 GHz quad core processor, which will easily see the user through most applications and uses. Two 8 megapixel cameras, each accompanied by an LED flash, is a feature you won’t find on many phones at this budget. There is also the option for a second simcard. A 2,010 mAh battery,  not quite as good as the 2nd Gen Moto E  2,390 mAh battery, fuels the InFocus M2. The phone will run Android KitKat 4.4. A memory of 1 Gb and an in-built 8 Gb storage capacity, with a 32 Gb external storage limit, round off the other features.

It would be impossible to predict their success, but you can certainly expect them to give the current crop a run for their money.




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