Indian men on women: In their own words – West Bengal


‘The culprits have to be shamed’

Anirban Biswas, 24
Engineering student, West Bengal

What do you think of the recent rape in Delhi?
It’s insane. I’ve never heard of anything like this. Even in Kolkata, such incidents are on the rise. It’s growing everyday. For me, it’s a culture shock.

Do you believe that women are responsible to some extent in these cases?
That’s a disturbing perception, to say the least. I heard a lot of people citing different reasons for the rapes. Mostly juvenile opinions. If a man can’t control himself, well, that’s a problem then. Then you are not fit to live in a society, and probably a rehab is the ideal place for you.

Do you think we need to change the way women are treated in our society?
I think it’s a class-based problem, and at the same time, it prevails in all spheres of the society. In a typical middle class household that I’m familiar with, most of the time it’s the woman who makes the decisions. But that’s not the general scenario. There is still a lot of oppression and it’s mostly in ways that don’t meet the eyes. A belief that girls are lesser beings than their male counterparts has been institutionalised in society.

Do rapes mostly happen in big cities?
That’s not true. It’s a global phenomenon. It’s happening everywhere. Forget rape. That’s the extreme form of brutality and suppression. Let’s first talk about the harassment that women face every day at work, on the road, in public transport. We need to sensitise people about it. The entire issue has become a joke, like the egg and chicken debate. Some would say we need to change the collective attitude first, and some would ask for tougher laws, but while this debate is going on, rapes are happening every day. We have to talk about this issue relentlessly. The culprits have to be shamed. Killing them is not the solution.


  1. The convicted culprits have to be shamed by Castration and their names, picture, address should be published …. A rapist ceases to be a human, so why should we bother about the rapists human rights.


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