Indian men on women: In their own words – Rajasthan


If you want to stop the rapes, take away women’s freedom’

Narender Rana, 33
Farmer, Palwas, Rajasthan

What do you think of the recent rape in Delhi?
It’s an act of shame. The culprits should be hanged. 

Do you feel popular culture has an effect on the rising rate of crimes against women?
This trend of blaming everything on popular culture should end. Popular culture has good and bad elements at the same time. If a person learns only the bad things, then it’s a serious problem.

Do you believe women are to blame for these incidents?
Most of the time, it’s the girls who invite such problems. Look at this case. Why was the girl out so late at night? I heard when she got on to the bus with the man, they started kissing each other. Why did she do such a thing in public? Of course, her action provoked the six men to rape her. But, to torture and kill her was wrong.

Do you think women are treated unjustly in our country?
Not at all. In fact, they have been given all the freedom in this world, which they are misusing. If you have to curb such incidents, then take away this freedom. If a girl wants to work, it’s fine. But get a job near your house. There’s no need to roam around in the city, holding a man’s hand.

Do you think rapes happen more in big cities than in small towns and villages?
Of course, they will happen mostly in the big cities. In small towns and villages, women are still respected. Men in the cities don’t know how to respect women, but that too is the women’s fault. Why would a woman be respected if she goes out in short clothes and is seen in parties drinking alcohol with unknown men?

What’s your take on pre-marital sex?
If you want to have sex, then get married. Both men and women should get married at the right age. Otherwise, these crimes will happen over and over again.


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