Indian men on women: In their own words – Haryana


‘The rapists are animals’

Prashant Singh, 28
Serviceman, Haryana State Electricity Board, Faridabad 

What do you think of the recent rape in Delhi?
I live in the NCR and, unfortunately, rapes happen here on an everyday basis. But what happened in that bus in Delhi had never happened before. The rapists are animals. And if you look at their profiles, there is a similar pattern. All of them are from a poor background. Most people who commit rape are outsiders, who settled in this region for work. Or they are from the outskirts of the city, those who have managed to sell their land for crores because of the economic boom. They are rich, but don’t know how to deal with urban life. And their conceit drives them to rape women.

But a lot of people say the girls are to blame for such incidents?
Of course, they are right. It’s not only the fault of the men. Women are not supposed to project themselves in the way that they do. If a girl is walking alone on the streets at night, then obviously, people will take advantage of that. Women are also going to pubs and bars. Look at the new party places that are mushrooming in Gurgaon and Faridabad. Most of the people who go there are young men and women. They get drunk and intoxication causes most of these incidents. Even in the Delhi case, all the people were drunk.

Do you think there should be a change in how women are treated in this country?
Women are not treated badly in India. This is a country where they have always had a place of respect. But nowadays, people don’t care about morality. As a result, there’s no respect for other human beings. This is the main reason why such heinous crimes, not only against women, but in general, are on the rise. 

Are you comfortable with the idea of love marriage or pre-marital sex?
No, I’m not. I myself had an arranged marriage. Why does one need to have sex before marriage? Everything has its age. And that’s how it has always been. Today, even the parents are not bothered to keep a tab on their kids, and this is bringing the society down. 


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