Indian men on women: In their own words – Haryana


‘There’ll be rapes if men and women interact freely’

Sham Lal, 36
Labour Contractor, Bhiwani, Haryana

Why do you think incidents of rape are on the rise?
That’s because the girls are becoming more desperate, and there is greater opportunity for men and women to interact with each other. 

Do you think rapes happen more in big cities than in small towns and villages?
It happens everywhere. In the past two weeks, there have been four incidents of rape in Dadri, a small town.

Do you think in India women should be given more freedom?
There is no need for more freedom. Girls are doing whatever they want. And that’s making way for the frequent rapes.

Do you feel popular culture has an effect on the rising rate of crimes against women?
People are seeing short clothes, love making, violence and crime all the time on screen. How can we expect real life to be any different when popular culture doesn’t offer anything better?


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