Indian men on women: In their own words – Haryana


‘Our culture doesn’t allow women to go out with men’

Krishan Kumar, 40
Shoe-shop owner, Bhiwani, Haryana

Why do you think the Delhi rape led to such outrage?
Simply because the girl died. And the opposition parties wanted to make it an issue. Do you really think all the people who gathered to protest were the general public? Many of them were cadres mobilised by the political parties.

Do you believe women are to blame for these incidents?

Why blame a woman when a man doesn’t know where to draw the line? Unfortunately, for some women, education and money means showing off their body. As a result, the entire womankind is being shamed. Our culture doesn’t allow women to go out with unknown men, wearing provocative clothes.

Would you let your daughter or sister to go out with a man?

Nowadays they have a lot of male friends because they go to school and college. But if I sense that a boy’s intention is not right, then I would ask her not to talk to that boy. It’s not a social issue. It’s an individual who rapes.


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