Indian men on women: In their own words – Haryana


‘The rape wouldn’t have happened if the culprits were not drunk’

Surinder Kumar, 41
Construction worker, Bhiwani, Haryana

What do you think of the recent rape in Delhi?
It’s insane. How can anyone torture another human being in this way? The culprits should be hanged immediately. One good thing that happened this time is that the people came out of their homes and protested. Even villagers in Dadri took to the streets and brought the administration to a halt after four rapes in the area after theDelhiincident.

Why are such incidents on the rise?
Political parties are trying to gain mileage from the situation of the victims. This has to be stopped. These incidents will increase because the rapists know they can get away. We need strict laws, not political rhetoric.

Do you think rapes happen more in big cities than in small towns and villages?
No. It’s happening everywhere. Look at Haryana. Every now and then, there is an incident of rape. Since theDelhirape, there have been four rapes in Dadri. But rapes in the villages generally go unnoticed, because the culprits are mostly from the upper castes.

Do you believe women are to blame for these incidents?
In some cases, yes. But rape is a crime that must be dealt with mercilessly.

Do you feel popular culture has an effect on the rising rate of crimes against women?
Popular culture has a major role to play. People try to imitate whatever is shown in the name of entertainment. And one more factor is alcohol. The Delhi incident wouldn’t have happened if the culprits were not drunk. Alcohol is destroying our society.

Do you think there is a problem the way women are treated in the society?
There is nothing wrong the way women are treated today. They are given enough freedom. They are doing everything nowadays and almost at par with men.

Would you let your daughter to have a relationship with a boy?
I have a son and a daughter. Both are young now, but if they fall in love after growing up and want to have a relationship, will I be able to stop them?


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