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‘Pre-marital sex has got nothing to do with rapes’

Mohit Malik, 21
BA student, Sonipat, Haryana

What do you think of the recent rape in Delhi?
Whatever happened was wrong. The problem is, we have become very comfortable with rapes. Now there is an incident of rape every 17 minutes. So we prefer not to talk about these incidents. TheDelhirape was more brutal than many other rapes as the victim was also tortured.

Do you believe women are to blame for these incidents?
Though women are to blame in many cases, the Delhibus rape doesn’t look like that. It’s a clear case of crime against women.

Do you think rapes happen more in big cities than in small towns and villages?
It happens everywhere. But the rate is much higher in big cities because girls go out at nights and mix up with strangers. Also, when a crime like this happens in big cities, it attracts more media attention.

Do you thinks the girls are empowered enough these days?
Giving freedom to girls is fine. There is enough freedom. Now, they work with men in the offices. But we must know where to draw the line.

Have you ever noticed any kind of domestic violence in your family?
Domestic violence is more of an urban issue. We barely see it here. In small towns and villages, there is more harmony and peace in the families.

Are you comfortable with the idea of pre-marital sex?
It’s an everyday affair now. There is nothing wrong with that. But pre-marital sex has got nothing to do with rapes. Rape is a crime and people who do it are criminal.

How far is the society responsible for the rapes?
The entire system is responsible. People are insensitive. After the rape, this girl and the boy were abandoned on the road and no one came forward to help them. As long as people are not sensitised enough about this issue, these crimes will keep happening.

Do you feel popular culture has an effect on the rising rate of crimes against women?
Why should we blame it on the popular culture? Everything is shown on television, but we need not emulate everything.


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