Indian men on women: In their own words – Haryana


‘In most cases, both the victims and the perpetrators are to blame’

Rajat Kumar, 21
Polytechnic student, Rohtak, Haryana

What do you think of the recent rape in Delhi?
Do I need to say more after the outrage that we have noticed over past few weeks? It’s sad that nothing will happen to the six men who raped the girl. Just imagine, when nothing happens to the culprits who have no political connection or money, how can we ask for justice in the cases where big people are involved. The government is at fault. Why couldn’t they send the girl to Singapore right after the incident? I’ll say that even though she was raped by those men, she was killed by the system.

Do you believe women are to blame for such incidents?
Both the victim and perpetrator are at fault in most cases. In some earlier incidents, like the rapes in Gurgaon, the girls were willing to have sex for money and the rapes happened when they couldn’t strike a good deal. We have to distinguish between the two types of incidents.

But even if a girl is willing to have sex for money, does that mean it is okay to rape her?
I’m not saying that, but that’s the general perception. And why should this trade go on when it’s illegal?

Do you feel women are treated unjustly in our country?
How can you say that? These are random incidents. We don’t see girls getting raped every day. They do go out to work. Even in Haryana, where the khaps are influential, women are at par with men.

Are you comfortable with the idea of pre-marital sex?
No, I don’t think that’s a good thing. I don’t mind having a relationship with someone I love, but to have sex before marriage is to cross the boundaries set by our culture, which we must respect.



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