Indian man killed in police firing at India-Nepal Border

Nepal border
Image for representation.

An Indian police official, Rakesh Kumar, stated that, with the rising protestors demonstrating against Nepal’s new constitution, Nepalese police opened fire to disperse the protesters after clashes broke out, leaving an Indian man dead, who was on his way to the town of Birgunj, in southern Nepal.

The protesters started hurling stones initially, when early this morning, police forcibly removed the agitated protesters from their sit-in spot on the crucial Miteri Bridge, at the Indo-Nepal border, opening the Birgunj-Raxal border point after 40 days. Nepalese News stations reported that many people got injured during clashes. At least 45 people have been killed since August, but there is no exact count of those injured.

The members of the ethnic Madheshi people had been protesting against the new constitution, as they believed that it could divide the Madheshis in a number of states. Madheshis, who wanted to create a larger Madheshi dominated state, imposed a general strike in southern Nepal and blocked the border crossing that resulted in a severe fuel shortage across Nepal.

Earlier today, the police was able to clear protesters from the border point, clearing 200 trucks and vehicles to cross over to India. Police raided the protesters while they were sleeping, removed the tents and lined up the trucks to leave Nepal.

The situation remains tensed at the border even after the talks between the government and the Madheshis on Sunday reflected some progress.


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