‘Indian film directors have commercialised religion’

Zaigham Imam | Novelist and filmmaker
Zaigham Imam | Novelist and filmmaker

According to you which is more difficult, writing a novel or making a movie?

Novel writing and movie making are entirely different. Writing is a single level platform. A writer writes in a flow, whereas cinema is a mixture of all genres of art. Filmmaking is certainly more challenging. You have to visualise a new world.Writing can be done by masses but filmmaking can only be done by classes.

What inspired you to make a film on this sensational topic on Hindu-Muslim rivalry?

It all started in 2009 when I wrote a novel by the same name Dozakh-Dozakh meaning Jahannum’ or Hell. I used to work in Aaj Tak during that time. I left Journalism in 2010 and shifted base to Mumbai and started working on a couple of TV serials. It was after this thought I thought of bringing my book to life and make a film on it. Moreover, I always wanted to make movies and I feel nowadays people are using Hindu-Muslim conflicts for their political agendas and personal motives. So I thought I should make a film on this by mixing and matching and creating something on these line.

Hindu-Muslim rivalry is a long standing issue. Do you feel nervous or scared that your film could offend the religious sentiments of both the communities?

I had already written on this topic and had done so much research on the same. Even then I was very conscious while making the movie as it involves a lot of risk.

Do you think mainstream directors are not confident enough to make a religion centric film?

I think the Indian film directors have commercialised religion in their films. Commercial cinema is more about profit making rather than making films out of pure love for cinema.

Films can serve as a mode of betterment to the society. What is your comment?

Earlier, people used to think that their children should read literature to recognise the distinction between good and bad. This is an a outdated concept in the 21st century. Things have changed now as cinema is considered as an important medium for spreading awareness.



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