Indian-Americans ridicule Bobby Jindal running for US Presidential polls



Bobby Jindal a one-time rising star in the Republican Party, announced on 25 June that he is running for US presidential polls in 2016.

Jindal, the Louisiana-born son of Indian immigrants, is the first Indian-American candidate to be a serious contender for the nomination of US president.

Jindal has always said people who call themselves Indian-Americans and African-Americans, should first think of themselves as Americans.

But at this point, his chances of winning seem to be extraordinarily low, considering the India-Amercian community has not contained itself from cracking jokes on Jindal, which were trending on social media even before he could finish his speech.

The jokes, which were set off by comics Hari Kondabolu and Asif Mandvi, are trending on the social media. Kondabolu, who has a solo stand-up act on a radio network, posted a tweet: “Anyone got photos of Jindal eating gulab jamun or jelabi (sic)?” “Please release them. It may destroy his presidential campaign,” he added.

There are 12 Republican candidates in the race, with several more likely to enter the race. And Jindal is running behind nearly all of them

The Indian Americans, who are a sizeable section in the US, especially Gujaratis and Punjabis, feel that Jindal has given them no reason not to have him in the community fold.


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