India successfully launches Agni-5 ICBM, DRDO calls it great technological, military achievement


agni-vThe new system will add “tremendous strength” to India’s strategic defence, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi while congratulating DRDO scientists for successful test-firing of Agni-V missile. “Successful test firing of Agni-V makes every Indian very proud. It will add tremendous strength to our strategic defence,” he tweeted.

“The successful test firing of Agni-V is the result of the hard work of DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organisation) and its scientists. I congratulate them,” he added

India has successfully completed the fourth test fire of its longest range nuclear capable ballistic missile, the Agni-V. This is the fourth and final test of the missile, developed and successfully tested by the DRDO under the Integrated Guided Missile Development Programme which comprises of Agni-I, Agni-II, Agni-III, Agni-IV and Agni-V. All of these missiles can carry nuclear warheads.

With a range of 5000 km with a weapon payload of 1.5 tonnes, Agni V intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) can achieve longer ranges with reduced payload.

The missile which lifted off at 11.05 a.m. local time, from Defense Research and Development Organisation’s missile test facility located at Abdul Kalam Island, off the Odisha coast was fired from a canister mounted on a Tatra truck.

The launch of intercontinental surface-to-surface nuclear capable ballistic missile Agni-5 is a major achievement for India both in terms of technology and military might, the Defence and Research Development Organisation (DRDO) said on December 26.

“It is a bold statement of India strength for peace. We are a peaceful country and we want to work for establishing peace in the region. I believe peace is possible when you are strong. So, this a major quantum jam in the deterrent capability of India and with this missile capabilities I am sure that the current advisories will not dare to attack India with any nuclear weapon,” said former spokesperson of DRDO Ravi Gupta.