India, Pakistan to hold talks on terrorism shortly: Sushma Swaraj




Announcing “war is not an option”, foreign minister Sushma Swaraj on the floor of Lok Sabha on 16 December said India has decided to hold talks with Pakistan as it is the only way to remove “the shadow of terrorism”.

During the Question Hour, Swaraj said, “Talks took place between the NSAs in Bangkok as we wanted to end terrorism. But one meeting will not bring a solution to all problems. So talks will continue.”

Swaraj said, “We are talking to Pakistan on the terrorist camps in PoK,” when BJP member Ganesh Singh asked if India was exploring options akin to the US action to nab Osama bin Laden.

“We will resolve the vexed issue through talks so that the shadow of terror is removed. But we want to make one thing clear, PM Narendra Modi had said that talks and terror can’t go hand in hand,” she said.

“For talks, we will have to have faith in each other. There is no third party. Through talks, the two countries are trying to resolve terrorism issue, as per the ,” she added.

India has decided to re-start ‘Comprehensive’ dialogue with Pakistan under which issues such as terrorism and J&K will be discussed.

The NSAs of both nations met in Bangkok on December 6 following PM Modi’s conversation with Pakistan premier Nawaz Sharif on the sidelines of Paris climate change summit and in line with the Ufa understanding.

“They held candid discussions. During my visit to Pakistan, India and Pakistan decided the NSAs will continue to address all issues connected to terrorism. The Indian side was assured of the steps being taken to expedite the early conclusion of the Mumbai trial,” she said.