In pics: North India reels under extreme cold conditions as dense fog throws life out of gear


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Biting winter cold has set in the capital once again as the maximum temperature plunged to a season low of 13.1 degrees Celsius, which is seven degrees below normal. What is making the weather all the more unbearable is the screen of fog has kept the city under wraps. The homeless are dying as the national capital reels under severe cold wave.

Scientists have stated in the recent past that one big reason for the long spell of extreme cold weather in Delhi and many parts of North India this winter season is rising air pollution. Delhi’s air quality was adjudged to be the worst among world cities by the WHO in May last year.

US President Barack Obama is to attend the Republic Day parade in the days to come but whether he will be able to see anything in this fog is a question on everyone’s mind. On a serious note, the smog is a cause for concern as US embassy could advise Obama to not attend the function and his visit could be curtailed if the bad air persists. Reports have stated in the recent past that the embassy’s monitoring station is recording the Air Quality Index.



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