I’m not guilty of the charges levelled at me: Vijay Mallya



Expressing that he has no plans to leave Britain, businessmen Vijay Mallya sought a reasonable settlement from the 17 banks he owes Rs 9,000 crore to.

Mallya said on 29 April that “By taking my passport or arresting me, they are not getting any money from me,” to the Financial Times. “I am not a wilful defaulter? I am not guilty of any of the charges that have been levelled at me,” he said.

Mallya, 60, flew from Delhi to London on 2 March when the government and a consortium of banks were trying to recover money given to Mallya as a loan.

Meanwhile, India wrote to the British government on 28 April seeking Mallya’s deportation to in order appear before the Enforcement Directorate in a money laundering case.

On 24 April, the Ministry of External Affairs had revoked Mallya’s passport so as to bring him back to India. The ministry had written to the High Commission of the United Kingdom in Delhi on 28 April seeking Mallya’s deportation under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002.

The Ethics Committee of Rajya Sabha on 25 April has decided to recommend Mallya’s expulsion, however, has given him one week to explain his position.