‘I’m nobody to change Bollywood. I just do what I feel like’ – Sunny Leone

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It was surely Bigg Boss that changed your career. But why did you choose Bollywood when you were already comfortable with the work you were doing?

After Bigg Boss, there was no turning back. I just had to move forward. I was getting a chance to live my dream here, to be here and do movies. I was already finished in that (porn) industry before I entered Bigg Boss. Everything that happened to me after Bigg Boss was like a dream. This is something only dreams are made of. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It is something that doesn’t happen to girls who come from the industry that I came from. I will hold on to this opportunity as long as I can.

Though you know how to be yourself despite the confines of social norms, do you think Bollywood is already typecasting you based on your professional background?

I should have the freedom to do whichever film I want to. They should not stereotype or typecast me. Whatever people say about me, it doesn’t bother me at all. Because it’s my life and I want to live it the way I want to. Anyway, most people know I always do what I want to. No matter how we behave, I think, someone or the other would always see it as a little backward or upside down, depending on how backward or upside down is their own thinking about what should or should not be done.

Was it a planned move to go for adult comedy films in Bollywood?

Mastizaade was the first adult comedy film offered to me and I said yes to it. It wasn’t planned. When I heard the script, I didn’t think, “Oh! This is way too much for me.” This is what I have seen on television or in the movies while growing up.

The film may not be top of the list for many, but it is on my list just because it is a fun movie. Why can’t there be an adult comedy where adults can go and have a good time. Why does it have to be so serious?

When I think of the 2013 movie We’re the Millers starring Jennifer Aniston, I don’t think, “Oh! Jennifer has made this movie” or “Look at what an exotic dancer she is in the film and all the crazy things she does.” I don’t put the actor in the same category as the character in the movie. That’s also how I look at my role in Mastizaade.

Do you think the adult film genre can be a change maker?

Grand Masti, statistically speaking, is an example of how a film in an adult genre could do well and how people enjoyed it. Those numbers would not have been there if people did not enjoy the film. Obviously, whether or not the audience was shocked, and even if some of them walked out of the theatre, they still somehow enjoyed the film. As long as movies in this genre are being made, people will be comfortable watching them. They won’t be out there thinking much about it, but that doesn’t mean they won’t see those films.

Do you consider yourself a change maker in Bollywood?

I am nobody to change Bollywood. I just do what I feel like.

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