IITF 2015 promotes “Swachh Bharat Mission” midst the crowd’s abnegation of cleanliness

Garbage bin next to the Rajasthan pavilion

This year, the India Trade Promotion organization (ITPO) dedicated itself to Modi’s “Swach Bharat Mission”, and announced a special category of award to be given out to the best State Pavilion dedicated to the Swachh Bharat initiative.

The India International Trade Fair (IITF), one of the most awaited events in Delhi, marked its 35th year running, with spectacular pavilions showcasing the beautifully diverse cultures of the various states of India.

Where, on the one hand, authorities were taking adequate initiatives to establish the importance of cleanliness, their initiatives, however, went in vain as the crowd chose not to comply with their efforts.

Despite garbage bins placed alongside every pavilion, the areas surrounding the dustbins were more cluttered with garbage than the bins themselves.

Bins labeled “USE ME” were placed in spots discernible to the thronging crowds at the venue, encouraging them to make use of the facility but to no avail. The pile of rubbish surrounding the bins was evident of the unchanged mindsets of Dilliwalas. The disregard shown towards maintaining a certain level of cleanliness at the event was despicable, given the hard work being put in by the Swachh Bharat workers.

Such boorish displays of negligence speak volumes of steps that need to be taken towards establishing a basic sense of cleanliness within the residents of the capital.

The other dominant theme at this year’s Trade Fair was PM Modi’s “Make in India” drive, and it was up for display at every pavilion in the Fair.

Besides Make in India, and Swachh Bharat, the pavilions showcased investment opportunities in states like Karnataka and Tamil Nadu for the upcoming year. The forthcoming Gujarat metro project was also exhibited. The various pavilions featured the increasing growth opportunities in India.

However, the proud display of financial and economic growth of the country was overshadowed by the lack of basic hygiene and civility, which left an untoward impression of the residents of Delhi, on the various International traders present at the event.   It, thus, goes without saying that the unclean habits of Dilli-walas require a good clean up in order for the national capital to match up to its level of economic growth, both nationally, as well as internationally.


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