IIT-Madras revokes ban on APSC




IIT-Madras revoked the ban on the Ambedkar Periyar Study Circle (APSC), following talks between the authorities of IIT Madras and the members of APSC. The authorities admitted that the students group did not violate any guidelines set by the IITM. “The success of APSC is undeniably the result of a strong progressive democratic student movement”, says an elated Akhil Bharathan, a member of APSC.

The ban on the APSC had triggered an unexpected turn of events resulting in constituting APSC and its various other versions  across the country, as a mark of protest. The decision to de-recognise the APSC was taken, following an anonymous complaint received by HRD Ministry, which claims that it tried to spread hatred against the Prime Minister and that it was mobilizing SC/ST students to question government policies. The decision to ban the group has drawn flak from within and outside the country, calling it as “silencing the voice of dissent” and “curbing democratic spaces on the campus”.

Prof. Milind Brahme has been appointed as the new faculty advisor to APSC.


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