Giriraj on Sonia: If she wasn’t white skinned, would Congress accept her as a leader?

Photo PTI
Photo PTI

Giriraj is back on the news after making some sensational remarks on Congress leader Sonia Gandhi. The Union Minister on Wednesday put out the question whether Sonia Gandhi would have been elected if she wasn’t fair skinned.

“If Rajiv Gandhi would’ve married a Nigerian and Sonia Gandhi wasn’t white-skinned, would Congress have accepted her?” he says jocularly on camera.

Congress members were quick to denounce him. Manish Tewari said “It is for Mr Modi to reflect what kind of bizarre creatures there are in the government”

After Narendra Modi and BJP won the 2014 elections, Giriraj Singh asked those who weren’t on the Prime Minister’s side to move to Pakistan, invoking a furious response from the public and the parties.


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