If BJP Loses In Bihar, Pakistan Will Celebrate: Amit Shah

Amit Shah
Amit Shah

Ahead of the last two phases of the ongoing Bihar elections, BJP President Amit Shahs on Thursday, said, if the BJP loses the election, there will be celebration in Pakistan.

Addressing a meeting at Raxaul, Shah said, “Agar galati se bhi BJP ki sarkar Bihar mei nahi banti hai to Pakistan mein patakhe chutenge” [If by any chance the BJP government is not formed, crackers will be burst in Pakistan].

Then he asked the crowd if they want that to happen. As the crowd yelled “No”, he appealed to the crowd to ensure BJP’s victory “so that disappointment descends in Pakistan”.

Shah also alleged that RJD chief Lalu Yadav was making a casteist appeal by calling the elections a fight between forwards and backwards. “We also say it’s a fight between forward and backward but it’s not on caste lines as said by Lalu Prasad but a ‘pichra (backward) Bihar, versus ‘aggra (frontline) Bihar’,” he said.

Earlier, Union finance minister Arun Jaitley, dismissing Nitish Kumar’s persistent demands for special status, said that, the demand has lost its relevance after the 14th Finance Commission came up with a formula for sharing of tax resources between the Centre and the states, “Special status ka daur samapt ho chuka hai (the era of special status is over).”


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