IAS director denies charges, will file conspiracy case against fake officer Ruby Chaudhary


Ruby Choudhary, the woman who had somehow managed to fool the entire IAS academy at Mussoorie for six months, had claimed that the Deputy Director of the institute had given her fake identification after a bribe of Rs. 5 Lakh.

b89252bd-8ba4-4370-8173-0088d0985de7wallpaper1The Deputy Director, Saurabh Jain, vehemently denies these charges and called Ruby a ‘fraud’. He then said that he would file a case against the woman on the grounds of criminal conspiracy.

Ruby Choudhary ‘joined’ the academy last September, with her identification stating a designation of Sub-Magistrate, an entry level position. She claims that she was guaranteed a job but that nothing transpired.

The episode is hugely embarrassing for the IAS and security in India in general, with a round of comments passing round on social media about how easy it would breach the borders, if it’s so easy to breach the campus ground of a major institution that is a target for terrorist organisations.

An investigation was quickly executed. The team has found documents in her room. The police have learnt that the woman is from Uttar Pradesh and are speaking to the official who lodged the FIR, Satyavir Singh.

Ruby herself is sticking to her statements and is not “evading or resisting the police.”


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