‘I Was Going To A Madrassa Earlier, But I Didn’t Like It There’


Jane Alam | 14 | Student
Jahangirpuri, New Delhi

Jane Alam
Jane Alam, Photo: Soumik Mukherjee

Jane Alam, 14, comes from a family that earns its bread by sorting garbage at an MCD landfill in Jahangirpuri. He studies in class six in a government school. Alam starts his day at dawn and works at the landfill for two hours before he gets ready for school. He again works with his family after he comes back from school. In the evening, he goes for his tuitions.

“I was going to a madrassa earlier, but I didn’t like it there,” he said. However, he does announce that he learnt Quran there.

Alam makes it clear that even though he helps his family in the business, he definitely doesn’t want to grow up to become a garbage collector. “I want to buy one of those,” he says pointing to the camera. “From my share of the money, I learnt to repair mobile phones as well. Though it is nothing great, I can fix small problems now,” he adds with a shy smile.

Soumik Mukherjee is a Correspondent with Tehelka. 


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