‘I see ideas to draw, everywhere I look’

Alicia  Souza | Illustrator
Alicia Souza | Illustrator

How and when did you decide on drawing for a living?
When I got out of college and did my first freelancing illustration job, I knew it was what I wanted to do. But it was only when I moved to India, about 3 years back, that it actually became my full-time job and career.

What advice would you offer to those young illustrators who are out there to fend for themselves?
To any young illustrator, or anyone wanting to start freelancing in any field, my biggest advice would be to be persistent, love your work and absolutely fall head over heels in love with what you want to do. Not only will it show in your work, but you will never get bored to keep putting it out there and letting the world know that it’s what you love.

Do u think the industry and field around illustration is developing?
Yes, a lot of people want to be illustrators and a lot of firms and companies have started to use more and more illustrations in their work, so it is definitely a field to look out for in the next five years

Was there any period of time when you wanted to quit illustrations?
Yes, when I started my career as an illustrator. It’s hard making something out of you love, harder when it is a job as well. But, I didn’t have a choice so I had to make it work. Now, I love it excessively.

You started off with a job and then moved to freelancing. Why?
Initially, I came to Bangalore to work for chumbak as an artist and worked with them for a year. This helped me learn a lot. A year and a half later, however, I started freelancing and that was something I never wanted to do then. It seemed like a hassle because freelancing is a one man army. That was another chance that I took because a lot of friends asked me to. In a way, I’ve been lucky so far because I’ve started to like it the shift.

Your illustration is unique. Is there any inspiration to your style?
Yes. I do a lot of illustration on my dogs, like I said, the things I find amusing. This means any visual diary of my life that I put to people in a fun manner.

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