I Love Myself With All My Flaws’


By Isha Manchanda

Wendell RodricksWendell Rodricks, Fashion Designer

What is your earliest memory?
My earliest memory as a child is my father going off to work and how I dreaded seeing him leave the house

How has your family influenced you?
My parents have had a big influence on me. They taught me to be what I am and am not today. I have learnt from their positive and negative qualities and their reactions.

What is your greatest fear?
I am fearless for myself but I am afraid for the future of animals and the environment that is under constant abuse by man and his greed.

What’s your take on love and marriage?
It’s a given that love should precede marriage. But with many people’s often misplaced romanticism, love does not necessarily graduate to the word respect. It can end in a disastrous marriage. In India sadly too many marriages are made for the sake of social equations and end up loveless.

Are you religious?
I am spiritual. Religion is too organised for me. I am against men who dictate in the name of religion or God.

What’s the most outrageous thing you’ve ever done?
I am not an outrageous person. I can’t recall anything outrageous I have done for the sake of being outrageous. Whatever I have done has come naturally and without the intention of being outrageous.

What do you dislike most in other people?
I dislike sensing selfishness in people. I dislike ego centrics, people wrapped in themselves.

What quality is it that you dislike most about yourself?
I love myself with all my flaws. I have accepted everything about me. And that makes me accept others as well in the same spirit. I look for the good qualities in people because at some stage you realise that there is a lot of good in everyone.

What is your source of inspiration in your personal and professional life?
My home, Goa, has been an inspiration for my work and philosophy in all spheres of life. Being so close to nature and watching the seasons, the stars and the rivers made me a reluctant activist, a passionate environmentalist and a hardworking designer with a conscience.


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