‘I love bags and shoes. I buy new ones every other week’

Sneha Mokashi
Photo: S Radhakrishna

Sneha Mokashi, 21 , Student, Bangalore

Sneha Mokashi lives life between shopping sprees. She is a second year journalism student at Baldwin Women’s Methodist College in Bangalore. Neha lives with her mother and sister in a two bedroom flat. She spends her weekends with friends frequenting Bangalore’s favourite promenade, Brigade Road and spends her evenings sipping lattés at Café Coffee Day or hanging out at McDonalds. Neha is into trance and New Age pop and is permanently plugged into the music on her snazzy phone. She smiles when asked about things she’s hooked on. “I have over 75 clothes, nine pairs of shoes and 15 bags. Also, lip-gloss. I have nine kinds of lip glosses, cherry is my favourite,” she laughs. Another thing she cannot live without? “That would have to be my new Hugo Boss perfume (Rs 4,000). I cannot do without it. Not a single day,” and we know she’s serious. And pocket money? “It’s actually Rs 3,000 a month, but thanks to my sister and my boyfriend I stretch it a lot,” she smiles glossily. Recession or not, she lives life king-size. If she had more money she would buy a Kinetic Flyte scooter (Rs 40,000).


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