‘I have never been to a cinema hall and now I don’t even have cable’

Raju Kumar Singh
Photo: Kadambari Zacharia

Raju Kumar Singh, 36, Security Guard New Delhi

Amitabh Bachchan’s Sharaabi was the last film teetotaler Raju Kumar Singh, an avid film viewer, watched on his treasured LG colour television on November 30. A day later, Singh, a guard at a media company, took several significant decisions. He packed off his wife and his children, aged six and four, to his Bihar village indefinitely, asked his two younger brothers (also security guards) to move into his musky 9 by 15 square feet room to split the rent, stopped drinking milk (something that he loves), cut back on groceries and cut off his cable connection (Rs 150). Singh does not know what recession means. But he explains what drove him to these life-changing steps. “My company cut the extra posts they had for guards and there was no scope for overtime and earning a little extra,” he says. Singh used to earn Rs 2,000 a month in overtime. Today with awfully tight purse strings, he hopes things will improve and he will get back to watching films, drinking milk and saving for the motorbike he dreams about.


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