‘I Don’t Think I Have Any Real Fears !’


Reema Kagti, Director

What’s your earliest memory?
I don’t remember my earliest memory. I remember that my first favourite film was Mr Natwarlal. I couldn’t have been more than seven years old. I was a big Bachchan fan then… still am. My friend had the record and we used to listen to it. When I was growing up in the 1980s in Assam, the Hindi film industry was going through its worst time. My parents never watched the films but I was sent with the ayah or mali to see them. Later, I went to boarding school and films were a passion even then.

How has your family influenced you?
My mother’s been ultra supportive. My father was a bit skeptical at first but I can’t say he hasn’t been supportive. My elder sister is a textile designer in Bangalore and the younger one works for People magazine. I remember my elder sister and I used to beat each other up a lot.

What irritates you?
A lot of things irritate me — traffic, crowds, lies, bad films… I also get irritated if somebody else does my crossword untidily!

What’s your greatest fear?
I don’t think I have any fears. There are things I’d rather not happen to me but if they do happen, I’d deal with it. I guess I don’t have any real fears… but yes, I wouldn’t want to be in the vicinity of a snake.

What would you like to change about yourself?
I’d give myself a little more patience.

What qualities do you dislike in other people?
I don’t think about what I dislike about others, but what I like about them. I like down-to-earth people and my friends always turn out to be unconventional. I like people who are passionate about things. I love food, maybe that’s why I like foodies.

Are you religious?
Not at all. I believe there are more chances that aliens exist than God does. But there is some kind of energy in the universe. It holds all of us together and has an effect on our thoughts and actions. I guess I’m spiritual before I’m religious.

What’s your take on love?
I don’t have a take on love. Love means many things. If you mean romantic love, I guess it can be great.

Do you believe in institutionalising it?
That depends on the person. I’m a knee-jerk liberal. I mean I’m okay with whatever works for people and gives them happiness and doesn’t hurt others.


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