I do not need to prove that I am secular: Shah Rukh Khan


SRKActor Shah Rukh Khan, who was recently involved in a debate on intolerance, said that there is no need for him to get his ‘secular’ certificate.

In an interview to ETV channel, SRK said, “I do not know anything about this. Whenever I speak I do so directly, straight-forward and clear cut. And I feel I don’t need to prove my secular credentials.”

It may be noted BJP MP Yogi Adityanath had compared SRK to Pakistani terrorist Hafiz Saeed, while VHP leader Sadhvi Prachi dubbed him a ‘Pakistani agent’ after he commented on rising intolerance in the country.

And one fine day, “If I am told that he/she is more patriotic than me, then he/she is stupid. From what angle can someone justify himself/herself to be more patriotic. There is no logic, actually,” he said.

However, he complimented the government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and called his governance “incredible”. The developmental clause of Modi’s governance is just incredible. It will be fantastic if he replicates development in the entire country, he said.

The actor who is awaiting the release of his latest film Dilwale said, “People take my words, whenever I speak, distort them and place them in a different context. So, I feel it would be better if actors stuck to speaking about acting and films.”

“Actually, if we want to move forward, we shouldn’t keep things such as sex differentiation, fair or dark, religious preference, regional and caste differences in mind.”

On 8 December, Sadhvi Prachi attacked SRK and Aamir Khan for tarnishing the country’s image through their remarks.