‘I consume fiction through movies, not books’

Milind Deora
Milind Deora Photo: Indian Express Archives

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Milind Deora | 36 |Maharashtra
MOS, IT & Communications, Shipping, Congress

MY RELATIONSHIP WITH books has fluctuated over the years. I go through phases of reading fiction, non-fiction, biographies and other genres.

I don’t remember much of my reading in school and college, since it was largely confined to what was in the syllabus, or to popular comics and books. There were a few exceptions though — my love for poetry and a few Hindi books like Ek Aur Ek Gyarah.

Of late, though, I have lost interest in fiction. I consume fiction through movies, not books. I seem to have run out of patience. The last few books that I read have been biographies. And I have read plenty of those — from Rudolph Giuliani to Keith Richards. Being a musician myself, I find their biographies easier to read and understand.

Part of the reason why my reading (of books) is so restricted, is that there are now so many different ways of accessing information. I think it is very important for politicians to read, but you must also realise that we get a lot of our information in diverse ways. I, for instance, love science, general knowledge and wildlife, but I engage with these passions through journals, newspapers or television channels like National Geographic or Discovery.