Hyderabad techie killed by his drunken room-mate in US


SankeerthGundam Sankirth, a 25-year-old techie from Hyderabad was killed by his room-mate in Austin, US on the night of July 18 in his room. He was the grandson of Narsapur ex MLA, Gundam Veeraiah.

The Austin police took his attacker, Sai Sandeep Goud Kurremula, into custody. According to media reports, the motive behind Sankirth’s murder is still unclear.

Another roommate and main witness Praneeth said Sankirth and Sandeep had an altercation and inebriated Sandeep murdered Sankirth with a kitchen knife.

“I was sleeping in the bedroom and suddenly woke up to find Sankirth crying for help with a stab wound in his abdomen. A drunken Sandeep was moving in a tense manner in the hall,” he said.

On July 19, the family was informed about the incident by their relatives that Sankirth was killed by his flatmate in Quarry Oaks apartment complex in North Austin. His father, G Vijay Kumar said, “We came to know about his death only later. We don’t know what exactly happened. My son recently got a H1B visa. Our relatives in the US are going to hospital to find out more details. They are even trying to send his body to Hyderabad.”

“All we know is that Sandeep is from Hyderabad and he teamed up with Sankirth 10 days ago,” said Ajay, the deceased’s relative.