Hunger strike ends at FTII, protests to continue

File Photo: FTII students in protest against Gajendra Chauhan
File Photo: FTII students in protest against Gajendra Chauhan

Although the students of the Film and Television Institute of India, have called off the hunger strike, they have decided to continue the protests against the appointment of Gajendra Chauhan as chairman. The students will attend classes but will not engage in any sort of talks with government officials, as well as the Information & Broadcasting ministry, until the appointments get revoked.

The campus of one of the leading cinematic studies institutes in the country has been turned into a ground for revolts, since the time of  Gajendra Chauhan’s appointement as the chairman of the institute’s governing council.

Many filmmakers and artists have joined the students to support them in their fight for a change in governance.

The students, now believe that the message they have been trying to get across for the past 139 day, has made a strong imapct, and they can now resume their academic responsibilities. FTII students believe that the public, filmmakers and artists must take the battle forward and support their concern.

Filmmakers will make a move by addressing a press conference, and urging the government to reach a favorable resolve for this contentious issue, and thus, take actions accordingly.



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