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Director : Amit Masurkar
Director : Amit Masurkar

“Hanging out at the pubs and cafes of Versova, it’s easy to start thinking that perhaps all films made in India come from this 1 sq km area,” says Amit Masurkar, director of the recently-released and much-loved Sulemani Keeda. “There are scores of Bollywood aspirants in Versova, where I live, who are always either talking about movies or talking about making movies,” he adds.

Slated for an online release on 14 January in collaboration with TheViral Fever (TVF), Sulemani Keeda is the story of two struggling writers trying to sell their screenplay in a film industry notorious for nepotism and networking.

Masurkar says he chose the subject since, “Nobody had ever made a film on struggling writers in Bollywood or on the process of collaboration that brings together two people – sometimes this partnership works, mostly it doesn’t.” On the eve of the release of his 90-min-long debut film, in collaboration with TVFin boxoffice,

Masurkar told TEHELKA, “TVF were looking to make a foray into curating movies and we were looking at an online release for the film. It worked out well – kind of like a well-timed collaboration – for both of us.”

Admitting to the influence of world cinema — any cinema — on his craft, the 32-year-old says he watches films for the fun of it and because he absolutely loves it. “That’s really the only reason. I watch films because I love films,” he says.

Masurkar ends with the promise of regaling us with more real-life stories of life lived real time in Mumbai: “I’m working on my next project and I’m very excited about it. You’ll have the complete details soon.”

Going by the irreverence and sloppy madness of Sulemani Keeda so many enjoyed so much, this wait seems endless and that’s why, endlessly comic too!




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