Housing.com and the Show of Generosity

Savji Dholakia, a diamond exporter with offices in India, US, China and Belgium distributed these lavish gifts on the occasion of Diwali.
Surat-based diamond firm Hari Krishna Exports has given Rs 4 lakh each to 1,268 employees, including cleaning staff, to buy cars, flats and jewellery.

The employee is the new king of the market if recent developments are to be believed. Tiens Corporation would have remained relatively obscure were it not for its billionaire chief who decided to send 6400 of his employees for a free vacation in France. He says it was his way of celebrating the 20th anniversary of his Chinese conglomerate.

Li Jinyuan’s ingenious way of rewarding the best sales people in Tiens cost about 14 million pounds (as per the estimates of the French media). The cash-loaded owner had another light-hearted intention of sending his employees on a vacation: to try and break a Guinness record of maximum human beings spelling out a phrase. And what a sight it made for when Tiens’ employees dressed in blue caps and tees, standing shoulder to shoulder formed the phrase “Tiens’ dream is Nice in the Cote d’Azur” on the coastal area of Nice. A fairly small price to pay for a free trip all the way from Paris to Nice! Closer home, such stories seem close to improbable.

But it is only as recent as October 2014 that a diamond merchant in Gujarat gifted employees homes, jewellery and cars worth 5 million pounds.Savji Dholakia, a diamond exporter with offices in India, US, China and Belgium distributed these lavish gifts on the occasion of Diwali. “This company is making profits because of you.  If you are happy, then we will progress further. You should enjoy my profits,” the man is reported to have told his more than grateful employees. What’s more? This is not the first time Dholakia had given away cars. In the previous year he had distributed 72 cars, this year just happened to take the cake.

In an ever penetrating corporate culture where the employee is at the mercy of the management, such stories offer respite and hope. Housing.com CEO Rahul Yadav also seems to have been bitten by the generosity bug. Stating that he was too young to get serious about money, he announced the allotment of his shares worth 150-200 crores in the company among employees.

The statement lost steam as quickly as it managed to create furor with rumours about Yadav’s real intention surfacing. Generosity in selling off shares was actually a way to get back at the board of the company who are unhappy with his leadership. So much for a happy ending! Meanwhile, the 2251 odd employees must be a confused but elated bunch.

Let’s come to the short and sweet of this: It surely wouldn’t harm anyone if those making money think about those who help them make money albeit, sometimes!


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