Home minister begins Winter parliament session with talks of ‘rising intolerance’


Rajnath SinghHe made an indirect hit at Aamir Khan’s latest statements, over the rising intolerance in the country, by arguing and comparing him with Dr Ambedkar, who never thought to leave his country despite of being criticized over his political and social views.

He said, Dr Ambedkar kept on fighting, by presenting his objective point of view for a unified India.

Rajnath Singh began the winter session heatedly, by saying that the word ‘secular’ is the most misused word in Indian politics. He made remarks on Dr Ambedkar not finding it necessary to add ‘socialist’ in the Preamble as he felt that the word was quite evidently a part of the Indian social fabric.

‘Socialist’ and ‘secular’ were added to the Constitution’s preamble through the 42nd amendment in 1970s by the Congress-led Indira Gandhi government. But he questioned as to why the word secular was added to the constitution when Dr. Ambedkar had chosen to omit it.

This raised a debate, to which, Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge objected, and said that, “Dr Ambedkar wanted to insert those words in the preamble but he was not allowed to do so, by the leaders during his time.”


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