Hinduism cannot be denominated simply as a man or a woman: SC



The Supreme Court has observed on 13 April that in Hindu religion once cannot be denominated as a man or a woman. A Hindu can only be a Hindu. These remarks were made as the the court decides on ending the centuries-old traditions in the Sabarimala temple.

After the Bombay High Court gave a triumphant judgement by allowing women to worship in the temples allowed to men, the verdict ensured that women devotees were able to offer prayers to the outdoor idol at the Shani Shinganpur temple in Maharashtra. Here the temple officials and villagers had insisted that only men can enter the inner sanctum of the shrine. Tafter trhe Court’s verdict, women devottes were allowed into the sanctum sanctorum of the temple.

While this was so, the trust which governs Sabarimala temple had told the SC that the traditional ban on women must be preserved. The temple had caught headlines recently for not allowing women of reproductive age into the temple. The SC judges had in earlier hearings said that denying women the right to worship there is tantamount to violating their fundamental frights.

Meanwhile, some women petitioners have received death threats as well.