Hindu Sena celebrates Donald Trump’s birthday in Delhi


hindu sena

Calling him the saviour of humanity, right-wing group Hindu Sena on 14 June celebrated US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s birthday with a cake and balloons at Jantar Mantar.

Around 20 members of Hindu Sena cut the three-tiered cake and held a piece up to a Trump’s photo, while singing Happy Birthday to You.

Sena leader Vishnu Gupta said they were inspired by his hard talk against Islamic militants, and called him the future king of the US.

It may be recalled last month, around 12 members lit a ritual fire and chanted mantras asking Hindu gods to help Trump win the US presidential election.

A poster released by the Sena said, “You are invited to celebrate the birthday of Donald Trump on 14 June. Join us and let’s celebrate the birthday of the saviour of humanity.”

According to India Today, the Hindu Sena forgets the fact that their organisation doesn’t represent the Hindu population and are oblivious to the fact that the foreign media has its eyes set on them as Islamophobic Hindus