Hindu boy, Muslim girl slash each other’s throat after parents deny their union


MarriageA bizarre incident occurred amidst the Taj Nature Walk in Agra, on Wednesday, when a couple was found lying covered in blood, with visibly fresh wounds on their throats.

After seeing the bodies, the staff at the Nature Walk informed the police and rushed the two to SN Medical College Hospital.

Following the incident, the two were identified. The boy, a resident of Dehradun was Rajveer Singh and the girl, Shabnam Ali, from Karbala, Agra.

The couple told the city magistrate that they has taken this step of ending their lives as their families refused this inter religious union.

Being barely able to speak, Rajveer told the city magistrate MP Singh, who was present at the hospital to record the statement of the lovers, that they had to take the dire move in utter helplessness.

Shabnam’s family, said that they were ready to get the couple married, but they only made the delay as they awaited Rajveer’s employment. Whereas the boy on the other hand claims that both their families were oppressively against the idea of the two getting married.


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