Hema Malini performs in Patna at Lalu Prasad’s request


hemaBefore BJP MP from Mathura and actor Hema Malini performed as Draupadi in a jam-packed auditorium in Patna on October 25 evening, Lalu Prasad in his rustic style said, “I love Hema Malini so much that I named one of my seven daughters after her—Hema.”

The former Bihar CM attended the event with his family in tow as chief guest. Addressing the event, he said, “The artists are not confined to caste, creed and other boundaries, but live in a world of their own.”

Obviously, the audience burst into laughter. Even Hema Malini could not stop herself from smiling. She said, “This is why I like Laluji. He is great. I agreed to attend the event, organised by Bihar Chamber of Commerce, at his request.”

In fact, when the organisers approached her she refused to perform. They later went to Lalu Prasad. The latter placed a telephone call and after the conversation, the actor immediately agreed to do the show, but with a rider—Lalu Prasad be present throughout the event. And the RJD supremo stuck to his words and saw the dance performance for three hours.

After becoming the Chief Minister of Bihar in 1990, Lalu Prasad Yadav had ‘vowed’ to make the roads of Bihar as smooth as Hema Malini’s cheeks. She reportedly got angry with Lalu’s remarks, but never took it to heart after he apologised.

During campaigning in 2004 general polls in Bihar, Hema Malini apparently told the media that she was big ‘fan’ of Lalu Prasad and he without missing a beat said, “I am her air-conditioner.”