Hashtag Politics: The new-age anthology of opinions



“I stopped feeling like I belong no where, and realized that I actually belong everywhere”, says Google when we search for quotes on Mobile Apps. This is justified when we check thesocial media responses for Prime Minister’s Narendra Modi App, which was launched on Thursday to ‘allow people to follow, interact and share ideas’ with Modi, anytime.

#CelebApps is going viral on social media, where people sarcastically predict the features of possible apps on celebrities, from various socio-cultural and political arenas. People have been tweeting, posting, retweeting and sharing the interesting App ideas which carry the layman’s attitude and views towards these public figures.

 “Arnab app: Will forcibly shut down all other apps, delete Siri, increase phone volume to full, and break the mute button. #‎CelebApps

 The above tweet on a possible Arnab App is one of the most shared tweets with the concerned hashtag. A word following a single ‘#’ is reflective of collective socio-political opinions of a heterogeneous society. What needs to be noted here, is that,

When Ravindra Jadeja said on Twitter, that Yami Gautam App can be used as a Torch light, Shekhar Takur posted on his Facebbok wall that Arvind Kejriwal App will automatically get uninstalled after 49 days of installation, the discussions not only feature fun, but they include highly political statements, social satire and public criticisms.


Political Celeb App tags

No body would have predicted in the past decades that placing a special character before a regular word can create a new representation; a representation of collective heaves, political hues and silent shouts of liberating slogans. When the world is virtual and it confines itself to the limit of 140 characters of the tweet box, subtle sarcasm and contempt is carried along by a simple sentence, or even a phrase.


“Sushma App will help you book tickets” – tweeted Shiv Aroor.

 This tweet came after The Oddfather’s tweet that the Somnath Bharti App will start beating your spouse up as soon as you download it. Yes, the hashtag carries with it, spontaneous and much updated public feedbacks on burning issues. When a layman tweeted that one can get a Bachelors’ and law degrees for free if you install the ‘Tomar App’, one can surely laugh at it but not ignore the fact that a socially informed and politically motivated community, one that is equally tech savvy, as our Prime Minister, who is closely watching India’s updates.

“After installing Baba Ramdev App, your phone can go flexible”.

“Rajdeep Sardeshai App will be launched again and again with the same updates and functions”.

“Robert Vadhra app will sell every GB of your phone and when you try to uninstall it will say “Are you serious? Are you serious?”

“Manmohan Singh App will put your phone on silent mode and disable all anti-virus apps”

Back in May 2015, ‘#Indian Army’ went viral on Indian social media, following which, one could gather all the positive and negative public responses that the Govt. of India received for promoting the Indian Army with regard to their rescue operations during Nepal earthquake. There was a time when the media and political leaderships waited for long years, probably till elections, to gather true public opinion. This height of freedom and noise in expressing individual socio-political views, should be seen as a larger democratization of media, where a single click can gather public attitude from the grassroots.


Celeb App mockers:

“With Ekta Kapoor app you will get frustrated and irritated as soon as you open it.and all the coincidences will happen with you #CelebApps”

“When Rajnikant App is predicted to be able to install your phone into it”

“Rajdeep App is again featured to compass half green and half saffron as custom colors.” “Salman Khan App will install over all the other apps and then blame the device driver”.

 As the game heats up, film stars and sports persons are becoming a part of the App jokes.

It should be acknowledged that, in an era when public figures are keen on building up their social media images, the larger audience, for them, is too quick to catch up with. They analyze and opine off their efforts. Celeb App too, was quick in this regard, as it mocked the subtle technological responsibilities Modi has ignored, in his attempt to reach out to the grassroots, with an app.


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